Converting Sketch to 3D model

With the advancement of technology and computer powered design. More and more people are looking to design 3D printable objects. If you don’t know how to design something in 3D, we can do the 3D modeling for you. We deliver a comprehensive range of quality CAD (Computer Aided Design) services tailored to each individual customer’s requirements. We offer a professional, flexible resource for you to use when you need it.

We can convert your ideas into physical object! With the technology aids of 3D printing.


  • Email us your sketch. Provide dimension where it is important, describe any feature requirements or details.
  • Send us photo of reference (if applicable)


Delivery of 3D CAD model: 2 days for basic model. 3 days for complex model.

No of Revision:  2

Pricing:                 Basic model: RM25

                                Standard model: RM50

                                Complex model: Quotation will be send to your inbox.


Software: AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventors, MAYA, RHINO, FUSION 360


Typical 3D printing model have a size limits of 200mm (W) x 200mm (L) x 200mm (H). If your overall dimension is more than the size, model will be separated into few parts, and assembled afterward.

The cost of printing will be depends on your model size, material types and selected finishing.




Use a ruler


Adding dimension & description


Multi view sketching

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