Having headache thinking about what’s the unique gift to give your families and friends? This article give you 10 ideas for 3d Printed Christmas Gift.



Get Lithophane holder file and instruction here.

Convert your photo to lithophane for free here.

2. Decoration

Download file for 1st and 2nd.

3. Business Card Case

Download file for spring-loaded business card case or flipping business card case.

4. Jewelry


Search from wide selection of 3d printable jewelry from MyMiniFactory.

5. Phone Case

Customized your 3d printable phone case at Zetoff.

6. Figurine

Creating 3d printed figurine requires scanning at custom booth. Learn more info at Shapify.

7. Snowflake – Christmas Coffee Decoration

Coffee decoration made easy 7 unique with these 3d printed templates.

8. Cookies Cutter


Download your cookie cutter file here.

9. Lamp Shades

Custom printed Lamp is a good option to made your room romantic and fresh.

10. Toys

Make a toy for your kids through through the collections of 3D Toys.

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